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Do not let a notice from the IRS sit around for days without taking action. If you ignore the internal revenue service you may be penalized heavily!

Visits from the IRS can be highly unsettling. While you may feel panicked and overwhelmed there are several steps that you can take to resolve the issue.  However, to fix the problem you first need to know where you went wrong. Did you file your taxes on time? Were your taxes filed correctly? Read the IRS notice properly. Make notes on what the government is asking for, such as the tax year the notice mentions, the particular issue in dispute and the payment requested to satisfy the liability.

Fay Jamasbi: We resolve tax issues!

Taxation problems can be pretty confusing to common people. Hence, it is best to hire a professional to handle your IRS problems. At Fay Jamasbi, we can file back tax returns, obtain IRS settlements, and iron out state and federal issues, releasing pressure off of you. We will represent you from the beginning till the end, negotiating with the internal revenue service until we have fixed your tax issues. You may never have to talk to the IRS again.

What we do?

Experts at our company offer services for the following IRS problems:

Our mission is to offer a customized service that seeks a quick resolution with the most profitable settlement for you. We also want to bring you back in the good books of the IRS by helping you keep away from tax issues and filing your return on time the first time around.

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